Forget Anonymous, Another Deeply Dark Organisation Has Pledged To Crush ISIS…


I wouldn’t have expected these guys to be helping.

Not only did we introduce Abu Azrael to you all today, who has sworn along with Linda and Anonymous to destroy ISIS, but we’re also hearing reports that the Mafia have also opted to take an active stance against the terrorists.

Giovanni Gambino – a prolific author of mob history and a scion of the family that saw the rise of the likes of John Gotti and Paul Castellano – today released a statement claiming that the Mafia was fundamentally better equipped to deal with a terrorist threat in comparison with the United States government:

These people are like walking machines. ISIS brainwashes them through the Internet.

You need to beat the fuck out of them to the point where they stop coming back to life.

The feds are glad somebody is out there breaking a few legs.

They can’t do it. They need evidence.

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There have been no successful ISIS attacks in Italy or Sicily because of Mafia protection and that’s a fact.

Back in the day, probably the safest place ever was an old Sicilian neighborhood like Bensonhurst or Knickerbocker Ave.

We got our kids going to those schools. We got families in those neighborhoods.

We all are united to fight for the good of the world.

This might seem quite surprising, but there’s actually a strong connection with the Mafia aiding the U.S. government in times of world crisis throughout their history. In World War II, Lucky Luciano played a key part in providing intelligence and support networks, whereas in 1960 the government worked with the Chicago mob in a failed attempt to assassinate Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

In any case, it doesn’t really matter if there’s a history of co-operation between the two – any help in the fight against ISIS is welcomed and if these guys are operating outside the law then that can only be a good thing as it’s where ISIS permanently resides. Unless they’re accidentally blowing themselves up.


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