Anonymous Are Totally Trolling ISIS By Rickrolling Their Social Media Accounts

Rick Astley

This is perhaps the most underhand tactic I’ve ever seen.

It’s been widely publicised over the last week that Anonymous have declared war on ISIS and the two groups are going at it in cyberspace. Anonymous have already claimed to have shut down around 6000 ISIS social media accounts – although these reports are unconfirmed – whereas ISIS have also said that they’ve hit back at the hacker collective. The battle lines have been clearly drawn.

However, it would seem that Anonymous are winning the war via their mischievous tactics as they’ve utilised the old technique of rick rolling their opponent to really rub the faces of ISIS in it. In case you’ve never been rick rolled, it basically involves saying you’re linking to a really cool video/TV show/whatever, but instead linking to a video of Rick Astley’s classic 1987 song Never Gonna Give U Up. You can imagine how annoying that can be.

If for some reason you’ve never heard that, then you can check it out below:

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This tactic was actually confirmed by ISIS last Wednesday on Twitter as you can see below:

Sine then, there are a number of reports of ISIS accounts and ISIS hashtags posting links to important terrorist business but when people click on them they’re actually ending up listening to Astley’s 80s hit. Perhaps it will be enough to convert them over to the ways of the Western world? Here’s hoping – I mean if anyone can do it, Astley’s dulcet tones and hypnotic dancing have to be a fairly high up the list of candidates don’t they?

For another awesome example of rick rolling at its best, check out the Foo Fighters trolling the Westboro Baptist Church.


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