VIDEO: Man Goes Lobster Hunting With His Bare Hands

Lobster Hunting Bare Hands

Rick Coleman likes nothing more than kayaking into the ocean in the middle of the night, then diving down to the ocean floor to try and catch some lobster.

Rick Coleman first got into lobster hunting about 15 years ago when he first started scuba diving, and still likes nothing more than riding his kayak out in the ocean and then diving down to the ocean floor and trying to catch lobsters on his own. However you get your rocks off buddy.

He recently had the idea to start filming his lobster hunts on a GoPro and it’s pretty surreal/terrifying. Mainly because I find lobsters completely shit scary and watching this guy swim around the ocean floor grabbing them and then holding onto them as their little legs squirm around all over the place trying to get free.

Basically it’s really freaky, and not something I want to get involved doing, but like I said, whatever gets your rocks off buddy.

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