Watch This Guy Absolutely Lose The Plot When He Comes Last On Come Dine With Me

Steady on mate.

Come Dine With Me has developed into an absolute staple of British television over the past decade and deservedly so thanks to its ingenious format – get a bunch of people who definitely aren’t going to get along into a cookery competition and get them as pissed as possible so sparks fly. It’s genius and always perfect to flick on when you’re lounging around with nothing to do. Perfect bitesize entertainment, if you’ll forgive the pun.

Over the years, there have been countless arguments and meltdowns on the show, but a recent episode may have featured one of the best ones ever in the clip below. Unfortunately I didn’t catch it so I don’t know the context for it, but it seems like the guy in it is a bit butthurt for coming last and he doesn’t take it with any dignity at all, instead preferring to be a complete and utter wanker about it.

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Great television. Gotta love that David Brent equal look at the camera after he drops the zinger huh?

It’s just a shame you don’t get to know how that woman managed to ruin his night or see their reactions afterwards – I bet it was a good episode to watch all the way through. Or maybe that was literally the end of the show because he threw them all out afterwards.

Perhaps it’s not as big a meltdown as this psycho fat kid arguing with his pregnant sister though.


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