Watch Synthol Freak With Massive Muscles Get Owned By Much Smaller Arm Wrestler

Weak Synthol Freak

It doesn’t even make you tougher.

Synthol and its abuse is completely weird and freaky and doesn’t even look good, but this hasn’t stopped countless people injecting it into the arms so they can walk around looking really awkward and gross.

I assume that the reason people do this and want to look like this is because they think it makes them look really tough and strong, but the reality is that it only makes you LOOK like that, and doesn’t actually give you any strength. This is proven in the video below where a regular looking guy challenges a synthol freak to an arm wrestle and then absolutely destroys him.

Stay off the sauce guys. If you need any other reminders of why not to get involved with it, then check this gallery of weirdos out.

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