A Mexican Restaurant In Florida Has Started Selling Lion-Meat Tacos And Have Received Bomb And Rape Threats Because Of It

A Mexican restaurant in Florida is letting customers eat lion meat. It’s only fair; lions do it to us all the time…

When the horsemeat scandal broke, the British public reacted with a mixture of disgust, outrage, and not giving a fuck, depending on who you asked.

Whilst some people were horrified at the thought of eating an animal more traditionally used for betting on and glue manufacture, others were fairly nonchalant about consuming tasty-but-mislabelled meat that would be seen as normal on the continent.

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However vehemently opposed to Tesco’s unintentional cheval-ue range some people may have been, it’s not a patch on the outcry generated by Taco Fusion of Tampa, Florida, who have recently started offering lion-meat tacos on their menu. Presumably as a mane dish. (…Sorry.)

Since the lion tacos have gone on sale (part of a wider “safari menu” that also includes camel, rattlesnake and kangaroo) the restaurant has received bomb threats, kidnapping threats, attacks on staff and threats to “rape and kill employees.”

At this point, it should be made clear that the lion meat is perfectly legal, and obtained from a licensed exotic meats dealer who raises the lions on a farm for this exact purpose.

As such, they are being treated exactly like cows, and should garner just as much (or, more realistically, as little) outcry. Sure, lions are sexier than normal cattle and easier to get excited about – there’s a reason Aslan wasn’t a Friesian – but they’re not being illegally hunted or endangered as a species by anything that’s going on in this process.

Indeed, it speaks to a certain type of sickness that some people are evidently more concerned about exotic food animals than the rape, murder and bombing of fellow human beings.

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Giving the rape-and-bomb crowd a nicely karmic middle finger, the restaurant has seen takings triple since adding lion meat to the menu, with most people eager to find out what a lion tastes like.

Reports say that it’s a lot like fillet mignon, which is suitably fancy for the alleged King of Beasts.

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