International LGBT Forces Create Military Mega-Team To Destroy ISIS


They’re not going to take ISIS persecution anymore.

ISIS has been characterised by its intolerance for anyone from the LGBT community with the Orlando massacre being the most notorious incident that they claimed responsibility for, after previously regularly sharing clips of homosexuals being stoned or thrown off buildings in Syria.

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Now though the LGBT community has decided to fight back, with a group of international volunteers fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria, declaring that they are the first LGBT military unit specifically formed to fight ISIS. They’re calling themselves ‘The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army’, or TQILA.

Here’s the official statement about the formation of the group:


Alright, sounds awesome and it’s very in keeping with the ideals of the rest of the Kurdish fighters – they already treat men and women equally within the ranks of their military and there are Kurdish female units in existence too. It seems like this LGBT unit is the next logical step.

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Let’s hope they succeed in giving ISIS a taste of their own medicine. Viva TQILA!


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