Top 8 Least Intimidating Military Outfits

Military outfits should be functional and/or terrifying. These are neither. Quite frankly they look ridiculous. Have a look for yourself…

The uniform a country chooses for its military is an important decision. It needs to represent the country at large, be highly recognisable and most importantly it needs to look tough. Like Mel Gibson’s blue faced warriors or the fur covered, beardy viking hoard. If you’re going into battle you want the enemy to gaze across at your line of infantry and think “these guys look like the real deal”. It seems like an obvious but difficult thing to try to achieve: fear.

Despite this obvious requirement of a military uniform, so many country’s armies look like complete plums. Now I know our Beefeaters aren’t exactly terrifying but they’re not a patch on the following fellas. Here’s a short list of some of the silliest war garbs going.

8) Greece

Ridiculous Funny Military - Greece - Presidential Guard

The Evzones or Presidential Guards of Greece look like the kind of army that Harry Hill would put together. The changing of the guard outside of the Greek Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has become quite a tourist destination. The Greeks think it’s because of the talent of these guys and their sinister look. But it’s not, it’s because they have pom-poms on their shoes and a short skirt.


There is a minimum height requirement to join the Evzones of 1.86 m (6′ 1.2″). It still doesn’t make them scary does it? They’ve been dressing like this since the 1800s so I guess we’re stuck with it.

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