PHOTOS: Awesome Examples Of Military Camouflage On The Seas

A collection of cubist inspired dazzled military ships, pretty awesome if you ask me.

I came across some interesting pictures of WWI warships and though they would be a great way for you folks to waste a few minutes. I’m a big fan of cubist art so when I saw these they really stood out for me. Their unique patterns were developed by Brit Norman Wilkinson around the end of the great war and were used for a couple of decades afterwards.

Dazzle+Ship+Drawings dazzle_camo_2
The patterns weren’t intended to hide ships, but instead to confuse enemy sailors of the ships’ exact locations. By distorting the ships with geometric figures, their exact distance and speed would be harder to determine even with most navies’ high tech devices: binoculars and compasses. Just looking at these ships can make you dizzy, I can just imagine seeing them floating along the reflective ocean.

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B-24 Mirror Dazzle Camo-Popular Mechanics Nov 1945






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Not only does it look cool but also has a pretty funny name for military camouflage; ‘Dazzle’ was a unique approach to an old challenge. It also inspired another English artist, Edward Wadsworth, leading to a sweet collection of dazzle influenced paintings, which you can check out on the next page…

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