The U.S. Army Just Added A New Weapon To Its Arsenal — The ‘Smart’ Grenade Launcher


Five years after announcing plans to develop it, the U.S. has completed work on its latest weapon; the smart grenade launcher known as the XM25.

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What makes it different from a regular grenade launcher is that the grenade is able to detonate via remote-control at any time, regardless of time limit or when it makes impact with any object. So effectively they’ll be able to booby-trap an area some distance from them by firing the grenade into the vicinity and then detonating it whenever they like. It can, of course, also be blown up in mid-air.

Soldiers will be able to achieve a “300 to 500 percent increase in hit probability” according to Orbital ATK; the creatorsof the XM25.

Here’s a demonstation:

The XM25 will be field-tested at the beginning of 2016, and will no doubt keep the USA at the top of the world’s most powerful military list.


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