Leaked Footage Of The Queen Doing A Nazi Salute Is Causing A Right Fuss

Queen doing the Nazi salute? Bit of a faux pas, right?

Footage has come to light over the last few days of  the Queen doing a Nazi salute. The tabloid press has gone absolutely nuts about it and the Palace is threatening litigation. No one seems too sure where the footage came from, it may have been accidentally released as part of a documentary, or there’s a possibility of foul play. I bet Nigel Farage is loving it.

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The short clip shows the Queen as a young girl in 1933/34 at their holiday home in Balmoral being encouraged to do a Nazi salute by the Queen Mother and the future King Edward VIII. Although it is pretty bonkers to watch a couple of future British monarchs making such a taboo gesture it’s not so surprising really. The British Royal family aren’t exactly British after all.

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This new footage was filmed before WWII started and Edward VIII was a well-known Nazi sympathiser; that’s him above meeting and greeting the big old psycho. People are calling for the Queen to be hung at dawn etc., which seems like a bit of an over reaction, I mean, does anyone really care what the Queen gets up to anymore? It’s public knowledge that Edward VIII admired Hitler’s economic and social reforms and the manner in which he developed Germany’s financial situation. I like to think that Eddy would have gone off Hitler as the whole mass murder thing kicked off though.

It seems a bit daft to blame a child for doing a salute on demand and it seems even dafter to be surprised that the monarchy haven’t always been on the same page as the British public. The upper echelons of society are always on a different page, it’s a fact of life. Personally, I’m hoping the Queen will now embark on a tour of the ghettos of the UK and hug all the minorities she can, like that ex-KKK leader did to hilarious effect.

Any way, for what it’s worth, here’s our Queen doing a Nazi salute for the camera:

The Palace is calling it “just a bit of fun” whilst simultaneously trying to find someone to prosecute for the leak. It’s all completely silly if you ask me. We’ve got bigger problems any way, the future Queen of England doesn’t even know how to clap properly.


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