The Future Queen Of England Doesn’t Even Know How To Clap Properly

This is completely unacceptable.

What the hell is this? We’ve never had a bad thing to say about Kate Middleton before but if she wants to graduate from Princess to Queen some day she’s going to have to clean up her clap game. The whole world’s watching you Kate — you’re royalty, start acting like it:

Look at that — rigid, rhythm-less, just on the whole unacceptable. The nation expects more from their future Queen. Or maybe it’s us who don’t understand how to clap properly? Maybe we’re just some lowly peasants who’ve been clapping wrong all this time and this is how it’s actually supposed to be done?

Kate usually does all the right things (NSFW) to make us love her but I think it’s back to finishing school on this one.

P.S. Turns out she’s not the only celebrity who doesn’t know how to clap properly. Check out Sting — surely only a complete psychopath would clap like this?

Steve McQueen — come on dude, clean it up:

Likewise Britney:


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