Gospel Choir Provide the Perfect Answer to Every Cringeworthy Status

Gospel Choir

This gospel duo perform their original track ‘Keep Yo Business of Yo Facebook’. This will no doubt come in handy when stumbling on some inane Facebook post.

Since it is a Sunday, it seems appropriate to feature a gospel choir spitting some truth, right? I say choir, but it’s really only two people. And gospel? Maybe not so much. The song is called Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook.

I can just picture where the inspiration for this song came form. Man was sitting at home, scrolling down the news feed, and some fool posts something cringeworthy like ‘How am I going to get over you if you keep infiltrating my dreams LoL xox’ or something inane like ‘Just had a halloumi toastie, it was great.’

And Brother Michael or whatever his name is mutters bitterly under his breath ‘Ya’ll need to keep yo business off yo Facebook.’ And he’s thinking, shit, that’s the hook right there. Next thing you know he’s written the whole gospel track, gets his girl Mary over from next door to lay down the harmony and takes it down to church the next morning to show Reverend Samuel.

My favourite bit is where he says ‘Sometimes you act like a saint, but your Facebook say that you ain’t.’ Remember to check whether you are friends with Brother Michael before you detail your  Saturday night escapades, guys. Anyway, watch the video below, the quality is a bit shitty and it’s all shot in the wrong aspect ratio, but the song is boss and personally I can’t wait for an opportunity to use it on someones status.

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