The 8 Worst Types of Facebook Statuses

A list of the worst types of the facebook status that pollute your newsfeed, causing you to hover above the unfriend button.

The Facebook status generally offers us an invaluable insight into the lives of people we really don’t care about.

However, there are some statuses that rile me far beyond the average mundane cyber-babbling of irksome colleagues and boorish ex-classmates.

These I will list you for now. If you are producer of any of these, take a long, hard look at yourself.


Fishing For Feelings

“I’m looking for a girl who understands me for me. Who I can talk to, share my life with and wake up every morning by telling her she’s beautiful.”

The local resident gash hound germinating some heartfelt drivel, to demonstrate to ladies on his Facebook how sensitive he is; when even my dear old nan could clock his soggy sentiments are clearly a thinly veiled punani-snaring ploy.

Stifle your breeze!

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