Kanye West Freaks Out At Paparazzi Again


Kanye West has had another run-in with the paps and has reacted the way he usually does.

Kanye West’s nightmares consist of him walking around a post-apocalyptic earth with the belief that he’s the only remaining human survivor, when suddenly he spots the flashing lights of a million cameras descending on him from the distance, and he realises he’s not alone. Earth as he knows it has been wiped out — and all that remains is Kanye West and the Paparazzi, who will hound him to the ends of it until he too is dead and gone.

That’s the impression we get anyway — something to do with him not liking paparazzi very much. Here he is demanding silence from one pap and not getting it, leading to yet another Kanye West paparazzi freakout:

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