Kanye West Just Deleted All Mentions Of Tidal From His Twitter Feed

RIP Tidal.

Yesterday we wrote about how Jay-Z’s new music streaming service had flopped, and now it looks like Kanye West has deleted every Tweet he ever made about it. He also changed his Twitter avatar from a picture of the Tidal logo to a picture of his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover.

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They included Tweets like:

Tidal Kanye


Whatever else you say about Kanye West, the guy is an absolute savage when it comes to doing business. You think someone who wants to be a famous fashion designer and sells trainers and white T-shirts for ridiculous amounts of money would be associated with a flop idea like Tidal? No way. At least not now that it’s an actual flop. Sorry Jay-Z, no more RTs for you. Kanye’s got a new famous best friend to hang out with.


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