Kanye West Is Planning A David Bowie Tribute Album As He Feels That “The Torch Has Been Passed On To Him”

Surely not.

There have been several acts of tribute following the tragic death of musical legend David Bowie over the last week. First Ricky Gervais wrote this awesome letter, then this amazing petition was launched to get David Bowie’s face on £20 notes.  

David Bowie £20 Note

But we’re not sure if Kanye West’s recent plan is going to quite have the same effect. According to the Daily Star, the 38-year-old rapper is planning on recording a solo David Bowie tribute album to continue the Bowie legacy.

If it actually happens, it’s apparently going to combine straightforward covers with songs where he’s rapping over the top. He’s even got his eyes on putting his creative spin on Charges, Heroes and Rebel, Rebel.

Kanye West

A source told the paper:

He is determined to carry on David’s work as a musical innovator. He says that the torch has been passed to him.

That’s a bit of a massive assumption don’t you think? The torch has been passed onto him? I know Kanye likes to think of himself as ‘a voice of the generation’ but in reality, he’s just a chart-selling rapper. No way near on the legendary level of David Bowie.

Wireless Festival - Birmingham

Anyway, if this whole thing goes through, I can’t imagine what the performances of said covers will be like. I wonder if someone will make a video of him getting laughed at by Bowie? That would be lolz.


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