Justin Bieber’s Private Jet Detained And Searched Because Of Strong Weed Smell

Justin Bieber’s private jet was immediately detained after landing and searched because the whole thing reeked of weed – the Biebs is a monster.

Justin Bieber’s private jet touched down in New Jersey for the Super Bowl last night, and was immediately detained because it reeked of weed. Bieber was taken in for questioning but despite them sending drug sniffing-dogs on board, no weed was found — Bieber had smoked it all (or these dogs are just not great at their jobs).

Bieber arrived in the US from Canada after being arrested twice in one week – name one other pop star living that kind of rock and roll lifestyle at the moment. You can’t.

I know, you know it, we all know it — Justin Bieber is a ruthless, unstoppable, untouchable rule-breaking machine. Singing, dancing, egging people’s houses, beating up limo drivers, getting sneaked out of brothels in Brazil, getting deported, drag racing Lamborghinis, getting his mates arrested, private planes impounded. Is there anyone causing as much havoc as the Biebs right now? I think not. The guy can’t even take a leak without getting arrested.

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