Just Chilling Out Watching Some Flight Footage

View From Cockpit

If you’re like me and love watching dumb videos of planes then get ready to enjoy the next 4 minutes 38 seconds of your life as you watch this awesome video.

There’s something about watching videos of planes that I can’t get enough of. I find it really therapeutic and could do it all day, everyday. Unfortunately I have other responsibilities such as earning enough money to buy dinner and looking after my cat, meaning I can’t just get baked and watch dumb movies of planes all day.

If you’re like me and enjoy watching videos of planes then you’ll be happy about the recent influx of videos made by commercial pilots while they fly around the world. It’s really cool because since 9/11 you can’t go into the cock pit and hang out with the pilots like you used to be able to, as everyone is a potential terrorist these days.

So with the easy availability of decent camcorders that aren’t very big and don’t cost very much, commercial airplane pilots have started filming their journeys, speeding them up, and sticking them on YouTube. Here’s the latest one we’ve had the pleasure of watching of a commercial flight around Brazil. Enjoy:

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