Rapper Joe Budden Chases Down Internet Trolls Who Show Up At His Home To Troll Him IRL

What would 2Pac have done?

It looks like we’ve finally reached the point where internet trolls have evolved to not just talk shit online, but to roll up to your front door and wind you up in person.

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Naturally they’re filming the whole thing too, which puts rapper Joe Budden in a bit of a pickle. I mean, how is anyone meant to take him seriously as a rapper unless he chases down these kids and murders them?

Especially when they look like this:

Think 2Pac would have let these little shits get away with cussing him out in front of his own house? Not a chance. Even P Diddy would have merked these guys off.

Naturally, Twitter came out with some top memes:


Credit to Budden, he was sensible about the whole thing in the end:

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