Dude Pranks Policemen By Driving Past Them Slowly In Exotic Cars But Blasting Street Racing Sounds

Lamborghini Aventador

Roman Atwood pulls one over the cops once again – dumb cops.

Roman Atwood is one of the most notorious YouTube pranksters on the internet – who could forget when his anniversary prank backfired – and he’s returned again with another excellent prank. This one gets a few extra points because the people getting pranked in it are dumbs cops, although it’s not as good as last week’s prank where the cop looked really stupid when the magician made the weed disappear right in front of him. 

The premise of this prank is fairly simple: Roman Atwood and his gang of pranksters drive what they describe as ‘exotic racing cars’ around really slowly, but playing speakers of burnouts and other antisocial car moves inside them. Even though the cars are going really slowly, this doesn’t stop cops coming over and trying to give them tickets, which definitely ends up making them look fucking stupid. Knuckleheads.


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