Ukrainian Politician Picks Up Prime Minister By The Balls, Sparks Massive Parliament Brawl

The ultimate political disrespect move.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was giving his annual report on Friday, and at one point flat out denied Ukraine’s government was corrupt in any way.

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One politician who had heard enough — Oleg Barna of the Bloc of President Petro Poroshenko –  walked up to him with a bouquet of flowers, gave them to him, then picked him up by the balls and tried to carry him out of the building.

Watch below:

What a move. Walk up and offer a token of your love and then just casually pick him up and walk out of the room. Except he got pummelled before he had the chance. Surely he knew that was going to happen? Or maybe he expected a bunch of other people in the room to be on his wavelength. I guess not everyone thinks it’s a good idea to drag the Prime Minister into the street by his ball-sack.

Chances are he was going to dump him in the bins in front of everyone, that seems to be popular in Ukrainian politics.


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