Miles Silvas’ Part From LRG’s 1947 Is Even Better Than The Tom Asta Part Last Week

Miles Silvas 1947

We spoke too soon.

Last week we were all buzzing over Tom Asta’s part in the new LRG video 1947, saying it was one of the cleanest examples of technical skateboarding that we had ever seen. That may well have true, but it turns out that it’s not even the best part in the video as Miles Silvas has just dropped his part and wow, it’s something else.

Miles has been described by Thrasher magazine as a ‘once in a generation talent that we can all appreciate’ and it’s clear when you see this video why they’ve given him such praise. Truly out of this world street skating.

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Wow. I can’t wait until this full video drops – I might actually buy it for once – because if the parts that have been released are any indicator of how dope it’s going to be then it’s probably going to be one of the best skate videos ever released, at least in the modern era.

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