Japan Is Opening “Attack On Titan” Theme Park And It Looks Amazing

Japan is currently planning an Attack on Titan theme park and it looks amazing. Promo video inside.

As we all know Japan does a lot of stuff that seems pretty bonkers to us Brits (and I’m sure the feeling is mutual), but this upcoming theme park attraction seems like it’s going to be awesome for all.

Attack on Titan is a massively successful Japanese Manga series becoming a best seller in its home country and further afield. There are currently more than 45 million volumes in print, so they must have done something right. If you haven’t seen any of the hype about Attack on Titan, the basic story goes like this:

There are loads of massive humanoids that want to eat all of the normal sized humans, and they look dead scary:

Attack On Titan - Comic

Attack on Titan seems to have got under Japanese skin more than most Manga series, a little while back there was a Titan inspired craze amongst Japanese teenagers where they’d take photos of themselves pretending to chow down on each other. Like this:

Attack On Titan - Copy cat

Attack On Titan - Copy cat 2

Seeing the terrifying Titans on a page or screen is no longer good enough; so they’ve planned a theme park. The photos featured below are from an Attack on Titan attraction that’s currently running at Universal Studios in Japan. It seems like it’s a kind of warm up thing for the main park, which is supposed to be opening at some point in 2015.

Attack On Titan - Theme Park 3

Attack On Titan - Theme Park 2

Here’s a sneak peak promo of the theme park:

Let’s hope it does better than that crap looking wild west theme park in the West Country.


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