TV Host Asks Jake Paul If It Was ‘Racist’ For Him To Knock Out Black Man In Boxing Match

WTF kind of question is this?

You have to be a special kind of moron to make Jake Paul look like the reasonable one in a conversation, but VICE’s Jemele Hill has managed it by bizarrely asking the YouTuber if knocking out NBA player Nate Robinson in their boxing match last week was “racist”.

Is it a tongue-in-cheek question? I’m not sure, but she asked it anyway, and it was completely absurd:

I mean… they’re just trolling him, right? Please tell me they’re just messing with him because if not, then wokeness has officially turned people’s brains to muck. Does Jemele Hill even understand how boxing works? What is she doing working with VICE anyway? Remember when they actually used to be cool?

Anyway, fair play to Jake Paul for handling a question that could have easily tripped him up in the current race-obsessed climate. I swear one of the biggest shockers of 2020 is Logan Paul & Jake Paul actually turning out to be kinda cool dudes.

I’m gonna give the interviewers the benefit of the doubt and assume they were trying to joke around, but it’s not super clear, especially with his response and then them questioning the response. Can we just stop dragging race into every single thing? Cheers.

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