Here’s The Moment Logan Paul Knew It Was Official That He Is Going To Fight Floyd Mayweather

It’s actually happening.

In what could be an indicator that 2021 is going to be just as unpredictable as 2020, Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather has been made official for February 20 next year, and by all accounts is set to smash PPV records out of the park.

Here’s the moment Logan Paul found out it was official the same way everyone else did – via Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram page:

Does Logan Paul have a chance in hell? Probably not. But you have to rate the guy for reaching a position where this fight is even possible, not to mention that he genuinely seems to enjoy boxing and training hard at it. The lad does have some talent and is packing a powerful punch, but going up against one of the best who ever did it? Come on now…

Floyd is going to dodge everything Logan Paul throws at him and have him knackered in no time, at which point he’ll either KO him or win via decision. Not that you can blame the man for taking this fight – big pay day and he probably won’t even need to train too hard for it. He can just wake up, outclass Logan Paul without even trying, and add another $100,000,000 to his bank account or whatever he’s being paid. He could probably sit on the couch and eat McDonald’s from now until February and still beat Logan Paul comprehensively.

As I said in the announcement blog yesterday, the aspect we’re really looking forward to is the build-up. King of shit-talking Floyd Mayweather Vs super troll Logan Paul. A lot of people are saying this fight being booked is a dark day for boxing but come on, it’s all about entertainment at the end of the day. Plus can you imagine if Logan Paul somehow miraculously manages to knock Floyd Mayweather out? During Black History Month no less? Will be interesting to see the bookies’ odds on that one.

Plus, imagine if they book Jake Paul/Conor McGregor for the same card? This PPV would do a billion buys easy.


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