ISIS’s Latest Barbaric Killing Effort Is Boiling Their Own Soldiers Alive

ISIS boil alive

ISIS step it up another level.

ISIS are not afraid to use utterly inhumane methods to kill their enemies – over the years we’ve seen them carry out crucifixions, beheadings and even raping children.

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In their most recent feat, a group of depraved jihadi fanatics have been killing their own soldiers by boiling them alive as punishment for fleeing. The boiling method comes after 19 other ISIS soldiers were shot dead for jumping ship during a firefight against security forces over in Iraq.

ISIS shoot

I guess they want to let anyone else thinking of dipping out that they will get owned if they try. Pretty brutal way to go about it, then we wouldn’t expect anything less from these guys.

And apparently this isn’t the first time ISIS have used boiling water as a torture method. A 17-year-old teenage girl was kidnapped from the town of Shingal in Iraq last year and tortured for nine months.


She said how she was gang raped by ISIS extremists, whipped and even scalded on her legs with boiling water if she refused to meet their sexual demands.

Can’t even begin to imagine how scared she must have felt. But yeah, it’s crazy that these guys are now even using their torture methods on their own soldiers. I bet this ISIS recruiter who sacked off his trip to the Middle East because they didn’t have toilet paper is super relieved that he didn’t bother going now.


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