This Irish Dude Can’t Pronounce The Word ‘Specifically’ No Matter How Hard He Tries

He just can’t do it.

This video doing the rounds today features an Irish man named Tommy having a nightmare trying to pronounce the word ‘specifically’. Somehow he manages to come out with ‘pacifically’ and ‘sepifically’, but no matter how much he tries he just can’t seem to get it right.

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Watch below:

Come on mate, it’s really not that hard. There’s people out there flying into space, discovering the mysteries of the universe and trying to cure AIDS and you can’t even sit in your TV room and pronounce the word ‘specifically’. I will say the girl filming who’s cracking up in his face is just straight ruthless though. Just laughing in the face of a complete dumb-ass like that prat lawyer from Making A Murderer.

P.S. I said the word ‘specifically’ out loud like 20 times in a row while writing this blog — nailed it every time. Boom.

Almost as funny as this Middlesbrough man who couldn’t wrap his head around the pronunciation of ‘tomorrow’.


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