The Trailer For Independence Day: Resurgence Just Dropped And It Looks Huge

20 years later, they’re back.

Fox just dropped the trailer for the Independence Day sequel out of the blue.

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Twenty years after Will Smith saved the world from an alien invasion, the franchise continues with Independence Day: Resurgence. Most of the old faces are back, with Roland Emmerich directing and much of the cast returning.

One slightly major person missing, however, is Will Smith. He won’t be in the second movie, and he’s been replaced by Liam Hemsworth from The Hunger Games.


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Will Smith didn’t really fancy it, basically. Speaking earlier this year, director Roland Emmerich said:

In the very beginning, I wanted to work with him and he was excited to be in it but then after a while he was tired of sequels, and he did another science fiction film, which was his father-son story, so he opted out.

Fair enough. To be fair, he’s currently working on a Fresh Prince reboot, so we can forgive him.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, check it out.

It looks like pretty much everything you can expect. Lots of aliens and explosions. Cool.


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