Husband Forces Cheating Wife To Admit Everything On Facebook

Cheating Wife

If you find out your wife was having an affair with someone else, I’m not sure if getting her to come clean in a Facebook status is the best course of action.

It’s never easy to deal with finding out that someone you’re in love with is having an affair, but I’m not sure if the best course of action is to make them admit everything that they’ve been getting up to behind your back in a Facebook post so that all your friends and family can see. Not only will it probably be extremely embarrassing for both of you, it probably isn’t really going to achieve anything as all your actual friends and family would probably know anyway and all this is going to do is let someone you didn’t really like anyway from high school know about it and probably just laugh at you loads. Or just get everyone from high school talking about it, which is probably the last thing you want anyway.

Despite this though, one dude did think that it was the best course of action and forced his wife to do just that, as well as shopping the dude involved in it out as well by posting his picture and phone number on the post. Ouch – I’m not really sure what the guy hopes to achieve by that, does he think all his Facebook friends are going to phone him up and leave him abusive messages? Or send him picture messages of someone stupid like Paul Rudd until he eventually gives in and change his number?

Husband Forces Cheating Wife Come Clean Facebook Status


Either way it seems like an unnecessarily public way to deal with issues that are probably left between the two (or possibly three) people involved in this issue. There’s no news about when this actually went down or if it actually resulted in their marriage getting worked out, but to be honest it looks to me like you could bet on them being divorced now because there’s no way any rational person would make someone do that with the hope of it actually achieving anything.

When you think about it, he’s probably better off doing his own status update and destroying his wife’s life that way, just like the woman in this couple did to her husband when she found out what a rat he was.


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