These Are All Of The Hideous Ingredients That Make Up A Line Of Cocaine

It’s worse than we thought.

Everyone knows that cocaine is not healthy – that much is obvious. But I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted just how vile the process for making the substance really is.

This is something that Gordon Ramsay set out to show in an explosive new documentary called ‘Gordon Ramsey On Cocaine’ (lol). The hideous process has been laid bare to show viewers at home just how many putrid ingredients go into standard street cocaine. It’s not just coca leaves, but also cement, sulfuric acid, gasoline, battery acid and then bicarbonate of soda. And that’s before it’s even reached the hands of a dealer who then cuts it with whatever they can get their hands on:

As said, most people know that they shouldn’t be taking cocaine – you only need to wake up the next day feeling like crap to realise that it’s not doing good things to your body. But I don’t think anyone was prepared for just how damaging it really is. Never again.

To watch a customer’s ‘shocked’ reaction to finding out his local takeaway was selling cocaine, click HERE.


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