Here’s Some 4K Drone Footage Of A Supersonic UFO

ALIENS!!!!! Or a supersonic bird? You decide.

There’s nothing I like more than a good old UFO video. I haven’t posted one for a while but I’m back with a bang, and it’s a lot more convincing than that Chinese guy who had an alien in his freezer.

The footage below was taken by a drone above Silicon Valley in California and it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it type deal. A white speck zips from right to left, and the cars in the distance give you a general idea of the speed. Whatever it is, it’s going proper fast.

There are plentiful theories as to what the white dash could be, ranging from a military experiment (obvs) right through to some kind of supersonic bird (LOL).

Is it a fake? I dunno? Why are you asking me? But if you want my genuine opinion here it is:

The video’s uploader – 1darmino – has hardly any videos on his channel and he hasn’t put any advertising on the clip, so it doesn’t look like he’s using it to promote himself or make money, so that definitely goes in his favour. But, I have naff all knowledge about investigating this sort of stuff, so you’re on your own:

What do you reckon? Genuine or fake? It’s certainly better than these “unexplained” photos, that’s for sure.


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