Chinese Farmer Arrested For Pretending To Have An Alien In His Freezer

In an effort to convince people that aliens are real a Chinese chap makes a fake one and ends up getting arrested for being a pillock.

Mr Li - China Alien In Freezer Arrest - Mr Li

We cover Japanese and Russian stories quite a bit here at Sick Chirpse, but the poor old Chinese get less of a mention despite having plenty of mental things go on there. Maybe the communist, insular media white out is to blame, but it seems that some of the weirder stories are now trickling out to the west as the iron grip slowly unfurls.

So what’s this all about then? Well, Mr Li, pictured above, claimed to have seen not one, but five aliens, one of which happened to get killed by an electric fence. He then took said ET corpse and popped him in his freezer for all to see.

I for one love a shit alien hoax, and this has to be one of the shittest ever. Just look at it. He’d simply spent a few quid buying old rubber from neighbouring farmers and got to work with some chicken wire and glue. I can’t emphasise too strongly how rubbish this attempt at deceiving people was.

Mr Li - China Alien In Freezer Arrest - News

Anyway, it back fired a bit as he got arrested and was held for five days for ‘fabrications’ that ‘disturbed the public order’. Now that really is nuts isn’t it ladies and gentlemen? It’s not like he was extorting cash out of anyone by charging an entrance fee, he apparently just wanted more people to believe in aliens. Before the arrest he said that DNA tests proved the alien was not of this earth, but I think he’s perhaps reneged on that now.

Mr Li - China Alien In Freezer Arrest

Well, Mr Li, you learned your lesson the hard way. If you want to convince people that something is real, it’s probably not the best idea to tell porky pies.

Mr Li - China Alien In Freezer Arrest - Hand and Fags


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