Some Of The Worst “Unexplained” Photos Of All Time

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I am down with the paranormal, unfortunately it’s pretty much 110% not true. Here’s some shitty piccies to LOL you up.

I’m a fan of all things left field and unexpected. I always have been. As a child I used to subscribe to UFO Weekly and Fortean Times. Even back then I pretty much knew that it was at least 99% balderdash, but I just desperately want there to be aliens, or yetis or goat suckers or ghoulies. It’s not as if there’s not enough weird things on this planet already, I just want MORE.

This article is an homage to some of the more turd pictures you’ll find of zany phenomenon. To be fair though, pictures of Sasquatch and Nessy have always been pretty rubbish, if they hadn’t been rubbish then we would all believe in them wouldn’t we? So here’s my run down of the best/ worst fakes, mistakes and belly aches.

Big Foot/ Yeti/ Sasquatch Etc

First up, one of the most “famous” of hairy man sightings. You probably recognise this frame from the Patterson-Gimlin video of ’67. Patterson and Gimlin say they were on the hunt for a big old furry freak in California, and found it. They weren’t taken seriously by as many people as they’d hoped, but cryptozoologists still chat about it to this day. To me it looks like a chap in a suit. Waddaya reckon? Yeah, thought so, Donkey Kong.

Patterson Big Foot - Gorilla Suit

Chirpsers will like this one, he’s called the Myakka Skunk Ape. No, he’s not a toker, he just smells bad. He’s been “spotted” in the southern states of USA since even before whitey got over there. Whether our mate Skunky is out there or not, I’m fairly positive when I say that this is a bloke in a fvcking cool scary monkey suit, which I would love to chill out in in the winter. I bet it’s well cozy.

Myakka Skunk Ape Full Body

Loads of other images of our Yeti cousins just look like this one below of the “Silver Star Bigfoot”. I think this is a still from a mock up doco so it’s a known fake. But whenever it’s posted people still like to see a monkey man, where as I see a…. well… blob.

Silver Star Bigfoot

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