Watch This Guy Calmly Stand Up To An Elephant Charging Right At Him


The real king of the jungle.

I’ve never been so unlucky to have been stranded in the jungle with animals coming at me from all angles, but you can bet that if ever I was then I would be scared out of my wits and running for my life from them.

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The same can’t be said for safari guide Alan McSmith though, who knows exactly the best way to deal with stampeding animals and asserting his authority as king of the jungle. In the clip below, you see a lone elephant charging straight for him, but all McSmith does is stand there calmly and let the elephant know who’s boss, staring him down and eventually reducing him to a whimper as he walks off.

Seriously impressive stuff:

Gotta hand it to the guy with that performance. He pretty much just made that big tough elephant eat a nice big helping of humble pie and made him act like he was enjoying it as well. Definitely hitting him up for a safari if I ever find myself down that way.

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