A Big Game Hunter Just Got Crushed To Death By An Elephant

Theunis Botha


Most people I know tend be to fairly appalled by the hunting mentality of going into the wilds of Africa and killing whatever animals you come across. Therefore, most people I know will probably appreciate the irony of this story.

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The story concerns 51-year-old big game hunter Theunis Botha who died on Friday afternoon during a hunt in Gwai, Zimbabwe. He passed away after a member of his hunting group shot at an elephant that was stampeding towards him and it ended up falling on top of him and crushing him to death.

Unlucky pal – you’ve got to admit that this is a pretty ironic death though, and you can probably argue that he deserved it too considering how many animals he’s killed over the course of his life. I suppose at least he died doing what he loved, but maybe that’s too much for a guy who spent his whole life shooting and killing animals? Maybe.


Even though he may have been a bit of an asshole – apparently he was a pretty famous hunter in the area and regularly travelled to America to recruit rich people to come and hunt with him – it must be remembered that he did leave his family behind, so we’ve gotta think of his wife and five children at this time too. RIP – hope they aren’t having too hard of a time right now.

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