Here’s A Great Twitter Thread About What Happened To People When They Were Tripping On Salvia

How did anyone get through this?

I kinda remember people talking about taking Salvia back when I was at university and saying stuff like they went to another universe when they were on it and were lucky to make it back – and that kind of chat made me never want to even attempt to get my hands on the stuff, let alone actually tip on it.

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Turns out this wasn’t enough to turn a lot of people off the stuff though as this recent Twitter thread illustrates, with a whole bunch of wreck heads from the 00s gleefully chipping in with their absolutely awful stories about doing it and how it often ended up very, very badly. Take a look below and be surprised that most of these people are still alive:

Jesus. That does not sound like fun at all for most of them. I guess they can be glad that they tried it and experienced it and know never to do it again but man, I’m not sure why any of them even wanted to go for it in the first place. Make your own mind up if you have any access to it now I suppose, but I would only take these as a warning.

For more of the same, check out this dude tripping balls into outer space after smoking salvia for the first time. That’s a real live visual representation of this shit.


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