Girl Asks Internet To Remove ‘That Disabled Thing’ From Selfie, Gets Totally Owned

When will people learn?

2015 was a great year for Photoshop trolling, my personal favourite being the guy who asked 4Chan to help him edit a picture of him standing by the Eiffel tower. Laugh out loud funny.

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Days before the end of the year, this one girl asked the Internet to remove “that disabled thing” after she’d taken a selfie in front of the door of a disabled toilet, and I guess she thought she looked so perfect in it that she couldn’t just take another selfie elsewhere and avoided this whole mess.

The picture was captioned:

Can someone please photoshop out that disabled thing? thanks!

The Internet responded in kind:


Well, you can’t say she didn’t have it coming.

For more Photoshop lolz, here’s what happened when a couple on an island asked for one specific change to be made to their photos.


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