Blind Mystic Who ‘Predicted’ 9/11, ISIS And 2004 Tsunami Has A Vision For 2016

The last thing you want to hear on New Year’s Day.

When you’re 85 years old and blind, it’s relatively easy to convince people you’ve got special powers that allow you to see into the future.

Blind Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga has a whole load of followers who claim she predicted 9/11, the rise of ISIS and the 2004 tsunami.

Vanga actually died in 1996 — 20 freaking years ago — but it’s said she predicted all those things before she passed.

Here’s what she said pertaining to 9/11:

Horror! Horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds.


On the 2005 Boxing Day tsunami she said:

A huge wave [will descend on a] big coast, covering people and towns and causing everything to disappear under the water.


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There’s no denying it – both those things did happen. I mean yeah her predictions are a bit vague and there’s no actual proof that Vanga said any of those things (in 1996 no less) other than the word of her followers, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Back to present times, shortly before her death, Vanga apparently predicted “a 2016 invasion by Muslim extremists” across Europe. She also said that by the end of the year the continent would “cease to exist”. Yikes.

More specifically:

[Extremists] would use chemical warfare against Europeans.

Not really what you want to hear on New Year’s Day is it? Good thing there’s a 99% chance it’s total bollocks.

But let’s say Baba Vanga knew what she was talking about – ISIS have a LOT of work to do if they want to wipe out the whole of Europe in 2016. I mean there’s only 365 days in a year, not to mention the absolute bozos they’ve got working for them.

Regardless of whether the dead blind Bulgarian psychic is onto something or not, the world remains hyper-vigilant in 2016. The greatest part is we now know exactly what ISIS fears about the West the most.


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