Someone’s Created Giant Chicken Nuggets And They Look Absolutely Incredible


Oh my God.

Chicken nuggets are undoubtedly one of the greatest creations in the history of the universe and there really isn’t much better than munching on a a 20 box with mayo, hot sauce, BBQ sauce and ketchup when you’re drunk as fuck or on a hangover. Really helps you out there.

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But imagine if instead of eating 20 of the little fuckers, you just had one giant nugget to munch on? That’s the brainchild of chefs JP Lambiase and Julia Yarinsky, who have both come up with two different formulas for their giant chicken nuggets, with Lambiase’s even featuring actual Chicken McNuggets in them. Needless to say, they look absolutely incredible:

Mmmmmm – well Julia’s at least, although I probably wouldn’t turn my nose up at Lambiase’s either. How long until these become an actual option to buy in fast food joints or at your local supermarket?

To be honest though, I know they look really great but I think in reality they’re more of a novelty item than a practical one. Sure, it looks really funny getting one but really I think chicken nuggets are already the perfect bitesize chunks and you can’t really get much better than one of those. Why mess with perfection?

I still definitely want to try one of these badboys for my birthday next year – might even last me the whole day if I make one big enough. Might not need too though with the news that McDonald’s are releasing a 48 nugget bucket meal sometime soon.


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