Watch A Tanked Up Bodybuilder Bang Out Judges After Losing Competition


Sore loser.

We all know that losing something you’ve worked hard for feels really shitty, right? Well imagine how you’re going to feel when you throw steroids into the mix – pretty fucking steaming angry.

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Luckily you don’t have to imagine, as this bodybuilder has demonstrated for us. The greased up/roided up Hulk man can be seen in the video confronting a panel of judges, presumably after they’d just given out the scores. Rather than take it on the chin, he decides to hit the judge on the chin instead. Whoever said bodybuilders aren’t actually good at fighting was clearly wrong:

Boom – that guy went down like a sack of shit with what looked like one clip to the side of the head. Imagine if he’d full on punched the guy.

Seriously though, that guy needs to lay off the roids or he’s going to put himself in an early grave. Or end up with a teeny-tiny penis like these female bodybuilders did.


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