The Shocking Truth Behind G4S: Racism, Deaths And Torture

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G4S are supporting torture, murdering prisoners and running a botched operation, and guess who’s paying their wages? US.


G4S - Group 4 Securicor - Idiots - Mr Ward

In 2008 a senior aboriginal tribe leader in Australia, Mr Ward, was cooked alive in the back of a G4S vehicle. He was driven 220 miles in the back of a van with no air conditioning and metal seats in 40 degree heat. He was given just 600ml of water and got third degree burns from the floor. The van had no temperature monitor, no intercom, no obvious panic button and there were no regular checks on him. The thing that makes it even more tragic is that a report was released a year earlier about the state of their vans, saying they were an accident waiting to happen. G4S feel they are above common sense.

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