The Shocking Truth Behind G4S: Racism, Deaths And Torture

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G4S are supporting torture, murdering prisoners and running a botched operation, and guess who’s paying their wages? US.


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One of G4S’ biggest faux pas was the fandango of the 2012 Olympics, you probably remember that the police and army had to be drafted in to pick up the slack when G4S couldn’t get enough staff on shift. The best thing about the error was that they had trained and vetted enough people to cover the work load, but due to management bungles hundreds who had been trained never even got asked to work. After the charade, which even the Chairman admitted was a “humiliating shambles”, they still collected their £57 million management fee. Complete jokes. The chief executive of G4S, Nick Buckles, did eventually step down in May last year, but with a yearly salary of £3 million I reckon he’ll probably be fine.

To make the sham even cooler, the whistle blower that had reported G4S’ inability to cope with the recruitment drive, immediately got sacked. Her name was Sarah Hubble and was involved in checking applicants details and CVs etc. She told a journalist that she’d not been vetted herself yet, but had access to passport information, NI numbers and bank account details. People were being vetted by people who hadn’t been vetted. A complete mess.

Amusingly G4S also managed to lose the keys to an entire prison in Birmingham. Yeah, the whole lot. Now, I would say that a security company’s main aim was to keep things secure. The keys were robbed from the gatehouse and the cost to re-jig all the locks etc was estimated to be around £250,000.

G4S Prison Birmingham

Another great story hit the news in July 2012: Christopher Lowcock wrapped bandages round his false leg and tricked G4S staff into putting a tag on it so he could simply take it off and leave it at home to roam free whilst on probation. Genius on both sides there.

Here’s the company’s surprisingly horrific official song. Hilarious. “G4S so  let your dreams unfurl”. Breath taking.

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So this Olympics, key losing and false leg stuff is all fun and games and a bit embarrassing for the G4Plums, but it gets much, much darker from here on in. Check out the next pages for what else the G4S have completely screwed up.

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