The Shocking Truth Behind G4S: Racism, Deaths And Torture

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G4S are supporting torture, murdering prisoners and running a botched operation, and guess who’s paying their wages? US.


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During a routine audit in 2011, government inspectors at a G4S immigration removal centre heard staff talking about detainees in a “shamefully unprofessional and derogatory manner”. Using terms like “gippos” “pikeys” and “typical Asians”. Now, I know there are plenty of racist ming mongs in this country, and as much as I hate that fact, there’s little I can do. But I certainly don’t want my hard earned tax dollars paying for their sandwiches.

One of their immigration removal centres called Brook House was branded “unsafe” by a watchdog prisons inspector who said that their safety level was the “worst ever result”. In just 6 months there were 105 assaults, mostly on staff and 35 cases of self harm. There was a massive turnover of staff with many ex-employees saying they felt bullied by detainees and managers alike.

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