VIDEO: Terrifying Dust Storm Hits Australia

Australian Sand Storm 2013 - Cyclone Narelle

Australia is having a meteorological nightmare at the mo: singing temperatures, bush fires, cyclones, and now a sinister looking wall of orange cloud….

Australian Sand Storm 2013 - Cyclone Narelle

Australia is mental. The majority of all poisonous critters in the world hang out there. Anything that brandishes an unnecessary number of teeth and weighs more than a Renault Clio calls Australia it’s home. I once took a stroll through a forest in northern Australia and there were these signs dotted about, warning of a plant that could deliver a debilitating neurotoxin if you simply touched it’s leaves. A plant. Seriously. Many Australian beaches boast flasks of vinegar so that in the event you get hugged by a god damn jelly fish, you don’t have to piss on yourself. The place is insane. Epic is a word I don’t like to use, but it works well for Australia, the place is wild, wild I tells ya.

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Oz has been entertaining some weird weather recently. They’ve had startlingly high temperatures on the east coast – 49.6 degrees centigrade (121 Fahrenheit) in Moomba – that’s the highest in Australia for 15 years. It’s causing a gaggle of wild fires to break out. Fair enough, I’d catch on fire if I was stood in near 50 degree heat. They also had a near miss with cyclone Narelle (click here for a cool little map that’s tracking her progress). What next? Well, now it’s time for the least deadly, but equally impressive looking beast – a ridiculously massive dust storm.

Australian Sand Storm 2013 - Onslow, Perth

This mental wall of dust appeared because there’s been incredibly dry ground but big strong winds. The dust gets knocked about and the particles float skywards and drift away merrily. Many dipsticks are banging on about the end of the world these days as you have all endured. We all shout together in unison – “it’s 2013 now you plums…. it’s not ending. Get a freakin’ grip you twats.” And we’re right to shout that. But if I was an Ozzy who experienced ultra high temperatures, had the threat of a cyclone and then saw this wall approaching, I would complet ely forgive them for thinking that the end truly was nigh.

Australian Sand Storm 2013 - Onslow From Plane

This video is so cool. I can’t believe they are just stood there chilling out while that thing approaches. I’d be in the car and speeding away as quickly as my apocalypse-ridden mind would allow. JUST LOOK AT IT:

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