Francois Gissy Breaks Land Speed BIke Record By Riding A Rocket Powered Bike And Travelling At 163mph

Francois Gissy

One way to try and beat the world record for the top speed on a mountain bike is to attach a rocket to it and make it rocket powered. It worked.

I haven’t heard of Francois Gissy before but it seems like he’s a complete and utter badass if this is anything to go by. I don’t know why he decided to do this or whether he does this kind of stuff all the time or what, but it’s cool and pretty awesome.

He basically decided to hook up a hydrogen peroxide rocket to his mountain bike to try and break the record for how fast someone had travelled on a mountain bike, and he absolutely smashed it. When the video first begins you’re like ‘whatever dude, why are you wearing all the protective gear, you’re not even going that fast’ but then you leave it a couple more seconds and the bike totally razzes it past a sports car that is driving along the road (incidentally this happened in a field in somewhere called Mulhouse in France) and then you’re like ‘woah actually, that is pretty fast. Sickhead.’

Francois Gisset managed to completely smash the previous top speed on a mountain bike as he got going up to 163 mph (243km/h) which is pretty freaking fast. I’m kinda surprised that a mountain bike would even be able to handle having its wheels turn round as fast as that without them burning off but it looks like they were fine. I’m pretty impressed that Francouis Gisset managed to keep his balance and not fall off the bike as well. It’s clear he’s pretty much a badass though anyway so maybe that isn’t actually that surprising.

Check out the video below:

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