Here’s The First Picture Of Joaquin Phoenix Made Up As The Joker


There’s no denying that everyone is pretty excited about Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming ‘gritty’ movie that will detail the origins of one fo the greatest villains of all time in The Joker.

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We got pretty pumped last week when someone leaked footage of a scene from the movie onto the internet, but during that scene Phoenix was just playing a normal guy – or as normal as someone who turns into The Joker can be – and wasn’t made up or anything so we didn’t know what he was going to look like in the movie as The Joker. Fortunately we haven’t had too long to wait to find that out as the director of the movie Todd Philips sent out the following post on Instagram yesterday:

I mean that’s pretty goddamn creepy isn’t it and certainly bodes well for the movie itself actually being decent and not crap. Think every time a little tidbit like this gets released I’m probably going to feel the same way and end up being completely hyped up when it finally gets released next summer. Can’t come soon enough.

If you missed the original leaked scene we were talking about then click here. Well worth watching again.


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