Female Bodybuilder’s Steroid Habit Makes Her Grow Penis

Candice Armstrong Featured

Candice Armstrong started working out, the started using steroids and they effectively turned her into a man.

I think all females that don’t want to start working out – at least with weights – will point to this story as a good example as to why it’s a completely bad idea, although surprisingly the woman it’s happening to doesn’t seem THAT fussed about it all.

Candice Armstrong (no pun intended, I’m pretty sure that’s her real name) started working out via pole dancing, then moved onto the gym and became fixated with making her arms bigger. She then started to use steroids which she bought online, presumably through Silk Road when it was still operating. She says that she was driven to make her arms bigger by a hatred of her former body, which kind of implies she wasn’t happy being a woman/feminine and may very well be transgendered.

Things started changing for Candice quickly: ‘I was getting a bit of facial hair, belly hair and my voice got deeper. My ­periods stopped. But I just blocked out a lot of it. I shaved and tried to cover things up. It was gradual so it wasn’t so much of a shock.’

‘I used to get a lot of attention from men. Now very few people find me attractive. But I can’t say I miss sex. I have no sex drive and I’m more insecure than ever.’

However, easily the most shocking part of her transformation via steroid use is the fact that her clitoris has swelled up so much that it has effectively turned into a micropenis, which however way you look at it does not sound good at all: ‘It has grown significantly – about an inch [long] and it’s shaped like a little penis. It looks like a little penis, you can roll back the foreskin..’ Um…

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Candice Armstrong

Candice’s breasts have also significantly suffered as they’ve come to be dominated by her huge pectoral muscles, and now they simply hang lifeless from her chest. Effectively, she has inadvertently turned into a man. However, this was never her intention: ”No, it wasn’t my plan. You could argue that when I wanted big arms and broad shoulders, a bigger back and small hips, that that was a masculine look but I didn’t consciously decide I want to change from a woman into a man.’

Despite this, she has no intention of stopping taking steroids because she believes that this will do more harm than good as they have already had a permanent affect on her body and she doesn’t want to lose her muscular appearance through stopping using them: ‘I’d lose all the muscles but I wouldn’t lose all the masculine qualities like the facial hair and the deep voice… It doesn’t really go back. If I was to try and reverse that, I’d need the same sort of procedures as a male becoming a woman.’

I don’t really know what to say about that. On the one hand, it’s kind of gross and upsetting that her steroid abuse has effectively turned her into a man without her consent – she’s even been banned from using the ladies’ toilets in her home town of Wandsworth, London – but on the other hand she doesn’t sound that bothered about it at all, which may suggest that she wanted to become a man in the first place, even if she herself won’t admit it.

This is further evidenced by the fact that she’s now performing as a drag queen and loving every minute of it: ‘It’s opened doors and enabled me to develop myself the way I want to. It’s given the opportunity to live out one of my dreams. I’ve started doing a bit of drag and I love it. I’ve always wanted to do a bit of drag! If I get called a tranny and a faggot when I walk out on the street anyway, I think why not make something of it!’

Again, I don’t think your average girl would have dreams of being a drag queen so it makes me think that she probably is transgendered and is fairly happy about this development. I’m supportive of the transgender community so I’m all for that, I just don’t think the best way to go about it necessarily is denying your true feelings about it and achieving the transformation via steroid abuse as there are much safer, medically sound methods of procuring this change.

Still, it seems to be working for Candice and she seems to be happy in her own skin finally so I wish her the best of luck with it. If you want to know more about her she’s appearing in a new documentary on TLC at 10pm tonight about steroid abuse presented by none other than Jodie Marsh. Who else right? You can catch a clip of it below, although it doesn’t feature anything specific about Candice:

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You can see more pictures of Candice on the next page, if that’s your thing:

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