Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Early Years

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’m not normally into posting inspirational videos on Sick Chirpse – I normally leave that more to Tourist because he loves that kinda crap – but I came across this video talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s formative years and couldn’t really believe that I didin’t know anything about all the shit he had to go through as a kid and became utterly transfixed with it, even though I said I was only going to watch it for a couple of minutes (it’s 12 minutes long) to see what it was all about.  He also has a new movie out today, so you know, it’s kinda apt to have something up about him.

Basically I kinda knew that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a badass and that he was born in Austria and moved to London and then LA when he was really young to pursue a career in bodybuilding, but I never knew how solid it was for him in Austria in his formative years to get anywhere. Basically there was no bodybuilding facilities over in Austria when he was growing up and everyone thought he was a complete weirdo for wanting to be a bodybuilder. To be honest I would probably have the same reaction right now if anyone I knew told me they were pursuing a career as a bodybuilder because it just makes you look completely gross and weird but yeah it sounds like the reaction over there was one even more prejudicial than mine.  Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t to be deterred obviously though because he’s a complete and utter badass.

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Even when his father made him join the army and he had to do drills and marching and crawling up hills with a gun all day and crap like that he didn’t give up. Instead, even though everyone was knackered after a day’s worth of training he would stay up for an extra 3 hours working out with equipment that he improvised from whatever was around the army base because they didn’t have a gym. Then he had to sneak out of the base to travel across the border without his passport to get to his first bodybuilding contest in Stuttgart, even though he knew if he got caught he could face weeks in solitary confinement. What a hero. I’ll let you watch the documentary to find out what happened at that one.

Oh yeah and he did all that when he was 18. I don’t know what you were doing at 18, but I was trying to pass my A levels and get my dick sucked and figure out how to buy cocaine. I guess that’s the difference between me and Arnold Schwarzenegger (and millions of dollars, one of the most sculpted bodies in history, a couple of bestselling books, and a successful movie/political career)  and you could tell it even when he was 18.

Check out the video below and go do what you gotta do:

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