Father Dares Son To Shoot Himself In The Head; It Ends In Tragedy (VIDEO)


Instant regret.

For some mental reason, a father over in Thailand decided to dare his son to shoot himself in the head. And he did. And he died. What a needless and pointless way to end a life.

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In the video you can see the dad, Sergeant Major Todsawat Boonrod, walk over to his 21-year-old son in their restaurant named KruaBoonRod. He takes his gun out from his strap and lays it on the table. The kid then swiftly picks up the gun and pulls a sudden shot to the head before collapsing. The mother and the father then writhe around on the floor in shock and agony. So sad. (Warning: the video is seriously messed up):

Allegedly the father had dared the son to shoot himself in the head as punishment for playing video games instead of helping his mum around the house. How fucked up is that? They’re going to be living with that forever.

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